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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Hometown: Cheltenham, England - and it's great. But the South West of England is the only place in the world that has people with accents that can make a perfectly coherent sentence sound grammatically incorrect.
Art: Fan-fiction
Religion: Christian
Favourite sport: Football (soccer). I adore Cheltenham Town FC
Favourite gaming character: That twin-tailed fox!
Hero: Jerry Gill. You've probably never heard of him.


Feel free to speak to me in English or Spanish, but my Spanish is pretty bad!
Hablar conmigo en ingles o espanol, para mi espanol no es bueno!
I’ve always been a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, ever since I and my friend would play Sonic 1 and 2 on his old Sega Mega Drive when we were 5 year olds. Tails was my favourite character. We always loved Sonic, but our love faded when we parted ways by going to different secondary schools at age 11. 

I kept in contact with my friend, but we never really talked about Sonic much. It wasn’t until shortly before my 16th birthday that I decided that I wanted a Sonic game – almost out of the blue. Up until this point the only Sonic games I had owned were the Mario and Sonic at the Olympics ones. I researched what games were available, then downloaded Sonic Heroes from PSN and received Generations (still the best game I have ever played) for my birthday. From this point on I was (re-)hooked.

I remembered watching a couple of episodes of Sonic X as a 7 or 8 year old, and once I had played some of the games I decided to see if I could find a few episodes. Having done so I found myself unexplainably interested in the romance between Tails and Cosmo. I have never been one for romance much, so this surprised me. I proceeded to research fanfictions on the subject and discovered (first one I ever read) and discovered that I actually enjoyed reading them, no matter how badly written or punctuated they were. My favourite authors quickly became deviantART users TheBloxtaismofan and fanficwriter (unfortunately the latter two have since deleted their accounts and stories).

Having come up with a couple of ideas I concluded that I could probably write a couple of stories, hence I signed up and began my first fanfiction Return of the Petalis. It wasn’t the best story every written – with short chapters, plot holes and weird moments that make me cringe – but it gained a respectable amount of popularity, if I do say so myself!

I branched off into writing shorter stories and one-shots, which myself as well as others view as my strength. The most celebrated of these, and my most popular deviation to date, remains this one and I can understand why. 

I started writing my second multi-chapter story, Six Years On which in my opinion proved to be superior to RotP, although not perfect. This one took a lot longer to write as other things in my life took over, and to some extent I lost interest.

By the time this story had gathered momentum I had become a contributor at both :iconsonicwriterz: and :icontails-fox-fans: I am still active with both, and it is something that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

After some time I finally finished SYO back in April. Since then I have been rather quiet, and I am not currently sure whether I will write or not in the near future. It entirely depends on whther I get any good ideas, then motivate myself to write them or not.

Thanks for reading!  Incidentally, I would like to thank my unnamed friend for getting me into Sonic (even though I doubt he’ll read this). We have done many game playthroughs of games, most recently Shadow the Hedgehog (someone save us!). I would also like to thank the following people for supporting me/inspiring me/another reason in which they have generally helped me write on dA and been particularly nice. I am grateful for:

Other writers I look up to:

:icontheblox: :iconthepenvsthesword: :icontheficdoctor: , taismofan, fanficwriter

My oldest and closest dA friends:

:iconbiggesttailsfan: :iconjohannfinsprower:

My most devoted followers:

:iconlinucrix: :icontmoney521900: :iconlittledevil-inwonder: :iconstarredprower: :iconkenta321: :iconfoster-lightdweller::iconsonicaddict007: :iconpacman10101: :iconlogbed: :iconcosmoandtailsfan: :icontailsrox: :iconshadowblade463: :iconfancy1001:

Other people who have been generally nice for miscellaneous reasons:
 :iconaleczia: :icontails4evr: :iconfirerai: :icon12342445: :icontaismo8425:

And one big final thank you goes to Jesus!

Thank you to all! Many apologies if I have forgotten you.


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